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Postby Stu_Oynion » Tue Jul 14, 2020 2:29 pm


Good news!!

With the Scottish government's decision to move to Phase 3 of the COVID-19 lock-down exit strategy, Scottish Cycling have updated their guidance to allow the resumption of club rides, albeit with some restrictions.

Full details can be found here, however, the main restrictions are listed below:

  • If adults make up all or part of the group, you can ride outdoors with those you live with or with four other households at any one time up to a maximum of 5 households with a maximum group size of 15 people.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained of at least two metres at all times from those in the other households.
  • Rides that would involve people from more than FIVE households are not permitted.

To ensure we comply with these restrictions, we will need to change the way group rides are organised:

  1. Rides will be advertised via the club Whatsapp "Rides" group only.
  2. Rides will be restricted to members and member's family/friends.
  3. Rides will be posted approx. 48 hours in advance.
  4. People should confirm their intention to cycle (Via online form) a minimum of 4 hours before the ride time (Saturday evening for Sunday morning rides).
  5. A record of participation will be kept for each group ride.
  6. If required, multiple groups will be formed based on participant/household numbers.

I hope everyone will understand the reasons behind these temporary changes and will assist ride organisers by complying with the various requests.

We appreciate your patience :D

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